How do I upload my Website?

First of all, make sure your web hosting account with us is activated.

The standard way of transferring files from your computer to our servers is by FTP (File Transfer Protocol). There are a number of different software packages that support FTP - Windows users can try Smartftp(free), CuteFTP, WSFTP. Mac users should check out If you're using a web design package like Front Page or Dreamweaver, it will support FTP.
Although each application will do things slightly differently, they will all need three important details: the name of the FTP server you're uploading files to, your username and your password.
The server is easy: it's (Replace with the name of your actual domain.) If you've just bought your domain, this might not work immediately, as it takes time for changes to the DNS to propagate around the internet.
As for the username and password, they were emailed to you in the account activation email sent to you. You can check them at any time by logging into the control panel select domain and click setup.
Your software may ask you for a host directory, starting directory or default folder. Leave this blank.
Our web servers are case-sensitive, so picture.gif is a different file from Picture.gif or Picture.GIF. If you get broken images or links when you upload your website that you didn't get on your own computer, check the case of the files that aren't working. It's probably easiest to just make all filenames lower case.
The default page for your website is index.html, although we will also accept index.htm. You should use index.html to avoid confusion, as this will be served first if both index.html and index.htm are available.

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