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Do you want an SSL certificate but not sure where to start? Not sure how to purchase one? Well this is a good place to start. An SSL certificate serves as a digital "passport" that allows data to be transmitted over secure networks — protecting financial and credit card transactions, signups, Web access to mail, sensitive information and intranets.

An SSL Web Server certificate:

  • Confirms that you are who you say you are in a virtual world
  • Encrypts information sent to and from your Web server
  • Protects information from being tampered with


You should have a SSL certificate if you are collecting any personal information through your site or if you want to share confidential information over the Internet. By solving two essential security issues, authentication and encryption, SSLs protect your website against:

  • Spoofing: Unprotected website pages can be copied, and online criminals can use your domain name to collect money and personal information from your customers and visitors.
  • Unauthorized Disclosure: When sensitive information is sent unprotected over the Internet, it's easy for hackers to capture and use it for fraudulent activities.
  • Data Alteration: Transactions can be intercepted and edited either accidentally or intentionally








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RAPIDSSL Certificate

Issued in minutes, easy set up and install! Ideal for just getting started


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QUICKSSL Certificate

A low-priced, value-branded SSL certificate delivered to you within 10 minutes.


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QUICKSSL Premium Certificate

A low-priced SSL Certificate issued in minutes with an extended warranty and a dynamic True Site Seal.


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comodo ssl certificate

Comodo Essential SSL Certificate

A basic SSL certificate that provides complete encryption for a very low price.


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comodo ssl certificate

Comodo Instant Certificate

A complete SSL certificate with full encryption issued in moments at an affordable price.


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versign ssl

Verisign Secure Site

Send information securely over the web; $100K warranty & full validation.


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Verisign Secure Site Pro

Trusted protection and assurance from a brand people know and trust.


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