Situated in the Sonoran Desert of South-Eastern Arizona, our datacenter is well situated outside of any significant natural disaster risk such as tornados, hurricanes, earthquakes, floods or blizzards.


  • Perimeter fence with razor wire
  • Biometrics access control
  • Independent monitored security system
  • Locking cabinets
  • Felony background check required for unattended access
  • Extensive CCTV throughout the facility and perimeter


Fiber Connectivity

  • Multiple fiber entrances
  • Every localization Facilities-based fiber carriers
  • Completely carrier neutral environment



  • Power is delivered to each row of cabinets via a power bus system. Power is then delivered to each cabinet via 3 phase APC PDU units. PDUs are snmp monitored and also have an LED display on the device to report phase load visually.
  • A 350kVA online UPS system supplies conditioned battery backup power to all cabinets.
  • For extended power outages, a 625Kva Cummins diesel generator is on stand-by.



  • 27 tons of cooling is currently required to keep the 2500 square foot facility at a constant 72F .
  • 3 x 27 ton APC-Airflow dual compressor downflow units are used to charge the plenum under the raised floor to effectively cool the entire facility.
  • A licensed HVAC technician and engineer on staff to keep a close eye on the HVAC needs